H e l l o !

Theta Collaborative is me, Kristen Bakken!  My boutique design studio is located in the Pacific Northwest and has a wide-range of creative projects and collaborative clients. Thoughtfulness and an intuitive approach are key, and I gather talented folks together to allow the studio to become big when necessary. Everyone I work with is committed to participating in and building an equitable, diverse and inclusive environment for all.

I have two decades of experience designing magazines, books, proposals, brochures, posters, and logos, as well as producing, art directing, coordinating and styling architecture and interior design photo shoots across the U.S. I am well-versed in brand, digital and social media management and maintaining asset libraries. If you go back far enough, there’s some corporate retail visual merchandising and display experience too. I am a solution-oriented, conscientious person who has immersed herself in visual storytelling since finding inspiration in the pages of Esprit magazine as a teen.

An avid admirer of photography and art, typography enthusiast, non-fiction writer and reader, unstoppable curator, and ardent traveler, I truly find joy in the fine details. I am endlessly inspired by light and nature, love animals, my family and friends, and have been told by many that I have a great laugh (aka loud). Thanks for visiting and please reach out to say hello and inquire further. 


L e t ‘ s  C o n n e c t !

email / kristen.bakken@gmail.com

tel / (415) 722  3040

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